Raiding, Explosives, Day/Night Cycle

Welcome to the new era of Morterra raiding! Now players must gather sulfur, and craft gunpowder or nitroglycerin to create bombs & dynamite for raiding. Players can craft explosives on an alchemy table, with the required resources. Here's a quick video of dynamite being put to good use!

The real best use would be to place the dynamite close to an enemies base, and the explosion will blow open the side of the base so that you can enter and gather all of the loot. There were quite a few more changes to Morterra:

  • Day & Night Cycle
  • New Item Sprite Graphics
  • Added Shadows
  • Increased Map Size
  • Kilns (to craft glass, clay items, and charcoal)
  • Alchemy Table (to craft explosives)

We fixed a few bugs:

  • Fixed "No socket connection"
  • Fixed Help & About pages
  • Tweaked log durabilities
  • Fixed foundry decaying
  • Fixed viewing other foundries

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